Cleaner & Renovator Combo (2x 1litre)
Renovator 1 litre
Cleaner 1 litre

Wessex Teak, cleaner & renovator for teak decks & furniture, suitable for marine use and home

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Item Description

Wessex Teak Cleaner is the first in a two-part process that will clean and restore the rich colour of teak, giving that freshly-sanded look, without taking layers off the wood.

Teak Cleaner

Teak Cleaner pulls out dirt, grime and grease from the wood and is diluted 4-to-1 with water, then applied to wet teak with a sponge, cloth or very soft brush. With only a minimal amount of work and a rinse of fresh water, your teak is free from built-up tarnish that turns it that unsightly grey/silver colour.

Teak Renovator

Teak Renovator is designed for use after using Wessex Teak Cleaner to ensure the wood is free from dirt and grime. Teak Renovator is then applied (diluted with 4 parts water to 1 part product) and restores teak to a rich and uniform amber colour, just as if it was brand new wood.

This process avoids time-consuming and messy sanding, requiring only gentle agitation with a sponge or cloth to bring teak back to life.

Both Wessex Teak Cleaner and Teak Renovator are suitable for use on teak boat decks, teak garden furniture, teak decking and other teak wood items.