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Teak Wonder Dresser Sealer Wood Treatment

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Product Description

Teak Wonder Dresser Sealer really is one of the best penetrating "oil" type sealers we have used. Using modern chemicals that leave no oily residue, this sealer penetrates the wood to provide an effective weather and UV barrier lasting all year. Simple to apply and, when used with the cleaner and brightener, the results are remarkable! Perfect for decks, rails and of course patio and garden furniture.


  • Retains teak's golden appearance without no need to wash/clean
  • Seals the pores of the wood thus preventing the penetration of dust and dirt
  • Protects the natural teak oils against ultraviolet rays

The dressing also prevents liquids such as diesel oil, fish blood, and paints from penetrating the wood, making subsequent cleaning easier. Teak Wonder Dressing and Sealer does not smell once fully applied, does not become shiny or slippery, does not stick, dries rapidly and does not build up the surface. It is the clearest of treatments during application and becomes practically invisible once it has dried.