Electronic Seasickness Relief Band

Electronic Seasickness Relief Band

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RELIEFBAND is a drug free way to control the debilitating symptoms of travel sickness, whether by air, sea, road or rail. Since the ReliefBand was first introduced in the UK, thousands of yachtsmen have benefited. Customers converted to the ReliefBand include dyed-in-the-wool skeptics astonished at the effectiveness of the device. Working on the Nei Kuan acupressure point this clinical product from the US was designed to relieve the nausea that comes with morning sickness and chemotherapy. It also relieves all kinds of motion sickness including seasickness. What?s more, you need not wear it all the time just put it on when you start to feel sick and within 15 to 20 minutes you will feel the benefit. The scientific papers indicate that for general motion sickness more than 90% of users experience a relief in their symptoms when using the ReliefBand. However, of the thousands of ReliefBands that we sell for sea sickness we have had no reports that the product failed to work for anyone in the last year (17 October 2005 and updated at 11 August 2006). For example, "CT" was an Officer of the Royal Navy whom we met after she had resigned from the service suffering from chronic sea sickness. She wrote of the ReliefBand, "I?m so delighted with the result I?d be more than happy to talk to anyone about my experiences to convince you to give it a try rather than just giving up on sailing". The ReliefBand is CE marked and cleared for non prescription sales for the relief of motion sickness and morning sickness. Worn like a watch on the underside of the wrist, it emits gentle electrical signals that interfere with the nerve activity that cause nausea. This stimulation, which feels like a tingling in the hand, blocks nausea/vomiting messages between the brain and stomach. Five power levels assure the right amount of stimulation. Because it is not a drug, users will not suffer the headache, drowsiness, dizziness or other side effects typical of most medicinal remedies on the market. Also, instead of having to take something several hours in advance, the ReliefBand can be used at any time, even after nausea symptoms start. There are no restrictions on consumption of food, beverages or medications with the use of ReliefBand. Now with the ReliefBand Device, you have can enjoy riding in cars, aeroplanes, boats, amusement park rides without suffering from motion sickness. The ReliefBand Device is the only drug-free remedy to have cleared the US Food and Drug Administration for treatment under prescription of nausea and vomiting due to pregnancy, chemotherapy, motion sickness, and as an adjunct to antiemetics for post-operative nausea. ReliefBand contains natural rubber latex which may cause an allergic reaction.

The ReliefBand Features:

Adjustable output: One to five power setting levels

Light indicates operation and low battery condition

Adjustable strap

Includes 10ml tube of conductivity gel