Beken Sailing Action Calendar 2018

Beken Sailing Action Calendar 2018

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Product Description

The Beken 2018 Sailing Action Calendar features up-close action from many of the top yachting events held in Cowes and other major European regattas. These exciting high-quality images capture the intensity of racing and the beauty of these phenomenal boats in crystal-clear detail.

From classic yachts fighting for the lead to hyper-modern racing trimarans scything through the water, the Sailing Action Calendar has something for every sailor. Sea spray, sail design and sometimes even crew members' facial expressions are shown in stunning detail - each image has more than enough to study for a month at a time!


  • Large and highly detailed full colour images
  • Displaying a variety of boats and craft
  • Exhibits the intensity of racing on the water
  • An ideal gift idea for the sailor in your life

Printed on high-quality paper in a large A2 size, the Sailing Action calendar is in landscape format, making it an ideal feature for any sailor's home or workplace.