Beken Classic Calendar 2018

Beken Classic Calendar 2018

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Product Description

The Beken 2018 Classic calendar features stunning sepia-toned images of yachts and craft that hark back to yesteryear. They may be classic yachts or modern-built craft that draw on the timeless designs of years gone by. See them in action and at rest, from tranquil and reflective shots to majestic craft under full sail. Feel the sea spray and smell the teak as you turn over a new and beautiful image each month.


  • Large and highly detailed sepia-toned images
  • Displaying a variety of boats and craft
  • Captures the essence and excitement of classic sailing
  • An ideal gift idea for the sailor in your life

Printed on high-quality paper in a large A2 size, the Classic calendar is in portrait format, making it an ideal feature for any sailor's home or workplace.