Baltic Bambi Supersoft Baby/Toddler Lifejacket

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Product Description

The Bambi Supersoft life jacket is the perfect blend of safety and comfort for very young children. Filled with buoyant Airex foam, this lifejacket from renowned manufacturers Baltic offers total peace of mind when out on the water with children. Designed specifically for babies and small toddlers, this life jacket provides flotation for children between 3kg and 15kg in weight, and has a range of features designed to make it safe and comfortable to wear for longer periods.

The lifejacket will ensure the child floats upright in the water, and is excellent at righting a child who falls into the water face-down. The high collar keeps the child's head well above water, and the soft lining provides protection against abrasion and chafing during normal wear.

The sturdy front zip makes putting it on and taking it off an easier task, and the adjustable waistband provides added security. Add to that a 'beaver tail' crutch strap, and the lifejacket and child almost become one, allowing you to use the lifting strap on the collar with no concerns about hurting the infant - an essential feature if the worst happens and someone needs to pluck them from the water.


  • Foam filled
  • Front zip fastening
  • Adjustable waistband
  • 'Beaver tail' style crutch strap
  • Lifting strap on collar