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Saint James Etrille Women's T-Shirt, classic Breton style made in France

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Product Description

In a lightweight jersey material, these tops are perfect for layering in the colder months, or as a single top layer on summer days. The classic Breton design evokes timeless style, while the range of colours allow you to make a statement while wearing the Etrille t-shirt. Couple that with an elegant boat neck and contoured fit, the French-made quality that Saint James clothing is renowned for shines through.

Item Specifics

Brand Saint James
Fit Women's Cut
Sleeve Length Short
Material 100% cotton jersey

Saint James clothing and accessories draw on more than a century's experience in designing and making practical, stylish garments that take their inspiration from life on and around the water. Here at Bosun's Locker we're proud to be one of only a handful of retailers in the UK who stock Saint James clothing.