Synthetic Polypropylene Hemp/Manila-style rope

Synthetic Polypropylene Hemp/Manila-style rope

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Product Description

This rope offers the look of a traditional hemp or manila rope combined with the durability and safety of modern synthetic materials. Made from polypropylene, this three-strand rope is a traditional buff-brown colour, ideal for maintaining authenticity on traditional boats. Of course, it can be used on any vessel; the modern synthetic construction is much stronger and more reliable than natural material, and this rope offers great strength-to-weight ratios.

While this rope is designed for the marine sector, its uses certainly don't end on the water! Why not give a room a nautical feel by decorating a mirror or picture frame with this attractive rope? Or use it to make an unusual handrail for your staircase - the uses are almost endless. We know the appearance of this rope lends itself well to bringing a nautical flavour to any room or home, and offers great value for money for home decorators and sailors alike. This rope is available in a wide range of diameters, please see our other items for our full range.


  • Polypropylene for high strength and low weight
  • Traditional appearance mimics traditional hemp rope
  • Three strand twisted construction
  • Stronger and more durable than natural materials