Norlender Island Men's Jumper, traditional Norwegian knitwear, 100% wool

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Product Description

The Norlender Island (previously Iceland)  jumpers are made in Norway from 100% wool, following a traditional design that has helped people brave Scandinavian winters for many years. Stylish as well as warm and practical, the hounds-tooth fabric with stripe detailing on the crew neck and cuffs make this an eye-catching sweater. Thick enough to offer protection from wind and occasional showers, these Norlender jumpers are still lightweight enough to act as a mid-layer. As a sweater to offer warmth on a cool summer's evening or as a snug layer under a raincoat or jacket, Norlender jumpers tick the box.


  • Genuine Norwegian jumper
  • 100% wool
  • Classic hounds-tooth fabric
  • Warm yet lightweight

Situated adjacent to the beautiful Osterfjord, Norlender remains a family-owned business, tracing its roots back to 1927. They create high quality and authentic Norwegian knitwear in a wide range of styles for men, women and children. Wrap up warm with a high-quality Norlender jumper, a favourite here at Bosun's Locker.