Buoyage Card

Buoyage Card

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Buoyage Card
Buoyage(Side One)
IALA Buoyage - Region A Europe and the Mediterranean.
  • Port and Starboard Lateral Marks
  • Cardinal Marks
  • Isolated Danger Marks
  • Safe Water Marks
  • Special Marks
  • Preferred Channel Marks
  • Emergency Wreck Marks
  • Light sequences

DistressSignals (side two)

Thisshows the Distress Signals likely to be be of most relevance to smallcraft.
  • Fog Horn
  • SOS
  • Flags N over C
  • Flares
  • Outstretched Arms
  • Square Flag above or below Round Ball
  • Mayday Procedure
Printedusing light-fast ink and encapsulated with a heavy duty plastic forcockpit use and abuse.

Greatfor Cockpit use. Keep another in the Grab Bag.
Idealfor training and instructional purposes.
Handyreference for anyone on-board.